DMIN'06 The 2006 International
Conference on Data Mining










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Conference Chair:
Sven F. Crone

eMail  sven.crone (at)

Conference & Programme
Robert Stahlbock
Stefan Lessmann







DMIN'06 Awards

Unfortunately we did not find the space & time to formally announce the best paper and best poster awards iof DMIN 2006 during the conference. The recipients were determned by the technical peer review process, nominated for best papers by the reviewers and achieved the highest score of all reviewed papers.

We are pleased to announce the 2006 DMIN best student paper and 2006 DMIN best research paper awards:

2006 DMIN Best Student Paper Award
Ensemble Selection Using Diversity Networks
Qiang Ye & Paul Munro

2006 DMIN Best Research Paper Award
Biomedical Hypothesis Generation and Testing by Evolutionary Computation
Anna Buczak & Robert Kozma

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